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Sage Security Solutions is a full time architectural hardware and security consultant that can help you save money by providing a comprehensive list of security products, options and specifications.

Key Benefits

  • Excellence & Ethics - Dependable...Some you can trust!
  • Expertise - Accreditation & Certifications
  • Comprehensive System Design & Integration


So how do you know whether you are dealing with a real "security professional?"  So what do you a phone book or surf the web...then what?  Not all security businesses are created equal.

We listen and talk to you in plain English.  Nothing is worse than someone talking "industry jargon" and expecting you to understand.  We have so many forms to communicate as well: email, phone, facsimile, face-to-face.  Give us try. 
As our name implies...we have security solutions.  We have built a strong reputation for integrity and knowledge.  Through our Needs Analysis Program, we can solve virtually any security question or concern.  
Qualified and "certified" professionals to answer questions, specify & supply hardware, and also install and service those products.  Complete one stop service. 

Reference Accounts

Check out these industry certifications:

ALOA LogoALOA - Associated Locksmiths of America, Inc. (Locksmith certifications)
CPP LogoASIS - American Society for Industrial Security (Certified Protection Professional)