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Gardall Safe Corporation

Gardall Safe Corporation is recognized around the world as a manufacturer of premuim quality safes and security devices. Protecting your valuables and vital records from fire or theft is our only business. For decades, Gardall Safe Corporation has been dedicated to building the toughest, most secure, safes, depositories, and lock-boxes in the world. Our "B"-rated burglary safes allow you to receive full insurance coverage in accordance with the Broad Form and Mercantile Safe Insurance classifications and our UL (Underwriters' Laboratories) 1 and 2 hour safes have been independently tested to keep your records protected in a fire.

Can Your Business Survive Record Losses From Fire?

Statistics show that if a company´s records are lost in a fire, 17% can no longer furnish a financial statement, 14% suffer a reduction in credit rating and 43% go out of business completely. No home or business is safe from fire. Your vital records and possessions are only as safe as the quality of protection you provide for them.

With Gardall fire-resistive safes, you can be confident your records will survive.

Gardall Safes are the only safes featured on the Discovery Channel's "It Takes a Thief" with over 5 million viewers weekly!

Electronic Access Control
No wire installation � to or through the door
Multiple authority levels give you control over who has access to specific features:
  • Master level � can perform all setup and programming functions
  • Manager / Maintenance level � can administrate common programming functions
  • Authorized access user level
  • Service level � codes for single event or single day access
  • Visitor management � for access up to one- year with expiry (E-Plex 5200 and 5700) Programmable Lock Functions
  • Entry lock � normally locked, passage mode can be activated by authorized operator
  • Storeroom lock � normally locked, passage mode deactivated
  • Residence lock � remains in passage until locked from interior with deadbolt or exterior key command
  • Privacy lock � activated from inside, restricts entry to privileged master or manager level user, or key override
  • Remote unlock (optional) � from up to 100 feet away Easy-to-Use Software
  • Simplifies management of doors and access users
  • Match each door and user�s access requirement to security needs
  • Point and click software lets you manage users
  • Settings are easily cloned permitting quick multi-lock set-ups
  • Up to 32 holiday and vacation blocks (E-Plex 5200 and 5700)
  • Up to 16 access schedules (E-Plex 5200 and 5700) Wireless Communication
  • No cables are needed to upload and download your data
  • Communicates through infrared data transfer function of a handheld PDA (personal digital assistant)
  • Fully contained E-Plex electronics module eliminates repair hassles

Mechanical pushbutton lock
Simple, single access code
No batteries
No wiring
Multiple operation modes:
  • Single credential (PIN) access
  • Passage
  • Lockout


Four bolt installation
No Wiring
One door prep

Common template lets you change from mechanical to electronic, or electronic to mechanical � with ease
  • Universal Exit Trim Mount � fits most leading brands of exit devices
  • Installs easily on wood or metal doors

Interchangeable knobs and levers
Non-handed / field reversible � fits both left- and right-hand doors
Extra heavy-duty locks provide unparalleled strength
ANSI / BHMA Grade 1 Certified
Both housings are rugged and weather-resistant � can be mounted outdoors, no installation gaskets required
Outstanding technical support team with excellent reputation
Three�year warranty


Locking Trims

Cylindrical Latch (with optional privacy thumbturn)

  • 1⁄2� (13mm) throw latch, floating face plate
  • optional 3⁄4� (19mm) throw latch, beveled face plate
  • 23⁄4� (70mm) backset

Mortise (available on E-Plex only)

  • ASM with 1� (25mm) or 11⁄4� (32mm) faceplate; with and without deadbolt

Rim Exit Device Trim


Mechanical construction: Extra heavy-duty lock; solid cast housings; solid cast levers
Numeric keypad: Vandal resistant, metal keys


Door Thickness:

  • Cylindrical: 13⁄8� (35mm) to 21⁄4� (57mm)
  • Mortise: 13⁄4� (44mm) to 21⁄4� (57mm)
  • Exit Trim: 13⁄4� (44mm) to 21⁄4� (57mm)
  • Pre-assembled to accommodate doors 15⁄8� (41mm) to 2� (51mm)
  • Hardware kits included to accommodate thin and thick doors

Non-handed / Field reversible

  • Pre-assembled for left-hand door installations � easily changed in the field

Minimum Stile Required: 5� (127mm)


Five attractive finishes to blend with any decor � Bright Brass*, Satin Brass*, Satin Chrome, Black and Duranodic (* lifetime finishes)

Key Override Options

Key-in-Lever / Knob Cylinders (cylinder included)

  • Tailpieces included for compatibility with models by Abloy, Arrow, ASSA, Corbin Russwin, Kaba, Medeco, Sargent, Schlage and Primus (see catalog for specific model details)

Small Format Interchangeable Core

  • Configured for Best and compatibles (6 or 7-pin length)

Large Format Interchangeable Cores

  • Available configurations for Schlage, Medeco, ASSA, Yale (6 pin), Sargent and Corbin Russwin

Batteries (E-Plex models only)

(4) four AA Alkaline batteries

  • Provides quick and easy battery replacements for institutions
  • Lock data is retained if batteries fail
  • Long battery life � up to 180,000 cycles

Certification and Testing

Accessibility standard: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Latch fire rating: Three-hour U.L./U.L.C. Fire Door Rating
Durability: ANSI/BHMA A156.2, and .25 (where applicable)
BHMA Grade 1 Certification

  • See BHMA Directory for listing of Grade 1 Certified Simplex and E-Plex Products.

Environmental Parameters
Indoor/Outdoor Approved

  • Front housing: -31�F (-35�C) to +151�F (66�C)
  • Rear housing: -31�F (-35�C) to +130�F (55�C)

Customizable User Preferences (E-Plex models only)

2 to 20 second relock time
4 to 8 digit user codes
Anti-tamper (disables lock after multiple invalid code entries

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