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The Store with Keyhole Doors

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect you from loss and crime.  Sage Security Solutions believes in Total Access Controls.  All of our products and customer services in the electronic, electromechanical and mechanical areas of physical security are focused on Value and Quality.  Access Management is our core activity by combining our strengths in locking technologies and access control technologies.

Company Profile

    Founded in 1974 by locksmith industry leader and instructor Steve Engel, Sage Security Solutions is a family owned and operated business. Advanced technology and exceptional customer service are the hallmarks of Sage Security Solutions, nationally recognized locksmith security companies with one of the finest reputations in the industry.

    Sage Inc. serves Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized and smaller commercial and institutional clients that need to protect personnel, secure physical assets, control access, reduce potential liability, and implement an effective risk management system.

    Sage Inc. is a former member/owner of the PSA Security Network, offering electronic Global Security, via Local Response.  And, we are a member/owner of the largest network of trained security professionals via Security Solutions of North America.

    It's the People - Our trained and certified locksmiths provide highly effective loss prevention security services.  We have combined the wisdom and experience for over 50 years in the physical security field with today's technology to provide superior assistance to the security minded.

    10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sage Security Solutions:   

    1. Expertise - It's the People - We're known for our professional problem solving.
    2. Quality Services and Products
    3. Accurately cut and hard to find keys
    4. Fire and Burglary Safes
    5. Fast Response Times
    6. Servicing the Fox Cities for 40 years
    7. Store Service and On-site Service
    8. Dependable... Someone You Can Trust
    9. Professional Certifications & Ethics (Excellence through Proficiency Training Standards)
    10. Sage Inc. employees are actively involved in their community and profession