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Key Systems

ASSA High Security LockKey Systems designed for you by Sage Security Solutions



Maximum Security Cylinder & Key

Unauthorized Key Duplication is Your Security's Greatest Enemy

Even the toughest locks are no match for someone who has a copy of your keys.

Sage Inc. utilizes a multiple level approach to security hardware.  Choose the level that best meets your needs:

  • Standard - Retards Opportunistic Crime
  • Medium - Prevents Unauthorized & Determined Access or Egress
  • High Security - Prevents Key Duplication with Patented Key Control
  • Maximum Security - Prevents Professional Intruders with added pick & drill resistance

Choose multiple levels when protecting your perimeter to the most vital areas at your location.  

Sage Inc. can retrofit most commercial hardware, including interchangeable core cylinders.

Sage Security Solutions is an authorized dealer of these key control products:

These systems make it virtually impossible for someone to copy your keys without your knowledge!

Key Benefits

  • Patented Key Control
  • User Friendly
  • Serviceable